Product Platforms


The platform development of a Vertical Integrated Flow Assay Technology (VERIFAST) is addressing the requirements for Point-of-Needs (PON) in multiple applications ranging from multiplex pathogens diagnostics to early detection of diseases. 

Scientific microscope in the  laboratory.

WhiteSpace Enterprises Corporation (WSE) is developing platform technologies for personalized molecular diagnostics ranging from rapid DNA analysis to predictive biomarkers for mobile health or guiding personalized treatments at the clinics. 

One of the first commercial product targets “Samplicity” comprising integrating the front end sample preparation workflow of molecular analysis into a simple self-contained platform automating and simplifying the preparation of high quality biological specimen for rapid analysis from “sample-in-to-profile-out” suitable for interfacing with any analytical detection system.

Microfluidic Cartridge

Samplicity is a micro fluidic sample collection and pre-processing technology. Because it is platform-based, it is adaptable to almost any micro-fluidic biological sample (e.g., blood, saliva, semen, urine, etc.) in a wide variety of laboratory, clinical and field settings for industry, hospitals, academia, government, military, law enforcement and other significant customer segments.

The technology employs patented miniaturization and automation, and simple protocols that deskill and control the sampling process for consistent collection, handling and storage assuring consistent laboratory results. 

A second configuration of the system includes a detection module based on real-time PCR. Future platforms will include other compact optical readouts such as Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS).

The platform leverages a large portfolio of patents, multi-millions dollars governmental investment and prototypes that can process any type of biological fluids for multiple diagnostics or monitoring of medical treatments in clinical or remote settings.


Samplicity platforms enable more personalized diagnostics and therapies.